Now Riders And Drivers Will Not Get Each Other’s Number – Uber Announced

Now Riders And Drivers Will Not Get Each Other’s Number – Uber Announced

No matter how modern we become or how globally advanced we are, there a few things which can never vanish from the World. Say, molestation and harassment of women in every place. Women have always felt insecure stepping out of the home, especially if they are alone, or wearing something less cultured and working professionally equal to men. And now it’s not limited till workplace or home, even a driver who gave service to you can torture your mental cells easily without fail. To stop these incidents, Uber has announced no display of contact number feature in the application very soon.


Technology has been a blessing lately, with everything accessible at a single click to us, there is absolutely nothing out of our reach. By nothing, we also mean someone’s privacy. There is no barrier for any stranger to enter into our personal space and he may intrigue into our private life with the full authority of having our personal contact number, which was personal until you called him. In the past few years, paid taxi services are available to us namely Ola and Uber which have captured the market from all the corners. Going to the office, parties, or to a friend’s place without owning a car was never this easy and affordable. All you need is to do is install the application, book a ride, get into the car from your doorstep and ride as you own it, the taxi service has given wings to riders. So why should only riders have all the fun? Drivers will take the pleasure too of being the boss of the car and walk into your personal life as they own it. Something exactly was happening in India from a past few years.

There are many cases reported by hundreds of women where they were harassed mentally over call and messages by the driver who dropped them safely from one place to another but on the cost of their personal contact number which they use, later on, to disturb them. Despite the fact that Uber has licensed drivers, these cases do happen. And of course, you can’t judge a person’s character from his address proof or driving license. There are many personal experiences and short blogs available on the web where women have shared their bad experiences post ride with the drivers. Some women were mentally harassed on calls, while others received abusive texts. In worse case scenarios, the number was circulated among many people. It was done by none other than the egoistically hurt driver in the response of getting blocked by the lady.

The technology will now give access to call the driver without displaying him your number. And this isn’t it. Even a rider can’t see a driver’s number. This feature of disguising contact number of rider and the driver can stop the access of privacy invasion to a great extent. This plan of action has been proposed because of a high demand by customers and the drivers as well. Even a few drivers have complained regarding disturbing calls from passengers post drive. The initiative can be a lot helpful in reducing the number of harassment cases and in protecting the privacy of people.

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