Know The Various Car Classes Available In Uber

Know The Various Car Classes Available In Uber

Uber is a ride-sharing service that is given to the passengers with the help of black car as well as taxis services. Passengers book their ride from their smartphones so that they can get a car which can pick them from their place and drop them at their destination place by paying the least possible amount as compared to normal taxis. Uber has a huge amount of licensed black cars which provide services to the people around the cities, they are known as uberX. Basically, the uber drivers respond to the notification of getting the ride, as soon as they accept the request then bookings are confirmed from both the parts.


Uber Car Classes:

People have the option of selecting the car ty[pe in which they want to ride. The car is chosen as per the specification like the number of members are there for the ride, distance, with the town or out of town, etc. after considering all these facts the individual make a booking for a particular type of car. there is various kind of uber car classes which are as follows.

* Uber X – It is the cheapest car in the range of uber cars. It can carry 1-4 members in the car and they provide control services from place to place.

* Uber XL – it is the second cheapest car in the range of uber cars. It has the occupancy of 1-6 members in the car. this type of car is best if you are going or planning for an outing in a group. And it can serve many more purpose like storing luggage with proper safety.

* Uber pool – this type of car has the occupancy of 1-4 members, in this the pick up may not be exactly assigned rider may have to walk a bit but the drop location will be exactly as mentioned earlier. The benefit of choosing this type of car is that individually does not have to incur a huge amount of money. the only disadvantage of this car class is that it might take more time than expected by a rider. It offers the feature of sharing the ride with strangers. And even safety is also ensured by the driver during the time of the ride.

* Uber select – this car has the occupancy of 1-4 members, this is the special cars offered to the people who can afford a bit expensive cars like BMW, Mercedes, etc. these may provide some special services to the rider normally uber do not deal with it but some drivers do it on their own part.

* Uber black – it has the occupancy of 1-4 members. They are high-end cars like BMW, Mercedes, etc they also have professional drivers with special facilities. And these are only available on the special request made by the rider.

Uber has made it very easy for the general public to ride safely on the roads, they are doing their task with full perfection and this is the main reason why they are the top in this particular field.

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