If you use Uber, new rules have come

If you use Uber, new rules have come

Will your rating at Uber be reduced if you do not leave a tip to the driver? Or are you sitting behind the driver? Or if you are silent or if you are too talkative? Since Uber in 2017 has introduced a possibility for users to evaluate, drivers were not at all uncomfortable when their riding was over and while they were waiting for how many stars would bring the right-hand drive. Now Uber has another rule: on Wednesday they announced that they would start banning Uber from those users who regularly receive low ratings from drivers. They did not explain how low these low ratings were and how low a rating should be to ban the user from using Ubera. For example, drivers working for Uber must have a minimum rating of 4.6 stars in the last 100 runs so that they can remain on Uber’s platform.

In their Uber announcement, users with a significantly lower average score will be warned and will be given several opportunities to repair their ratings before banning Ubera’s use. They advised users to avoid leaving garbage in the car and not to ask drivers to drive faster than the allowed speed. Some users said they received less ratings for obvious reasons: they were completely drunk, they were with a loud and unpleasant company, they were late on arrival, or they asked the driver to leave them all the way from what they asked for when arranging a ride through the application. However, there are those who say they received low ratings for discriminatory reasons and completely unjustified. One journalist thus stated that she received a low grade rating from the driver just because she was in the car with her girlfriend, while one said she received a low grade from the driver who offered her sex, and she refused him. On the other hand, there are plenty of those who do not know why their ratings are low and they suspect that the reasons are banal, such as avoiding a conversation with a driver.

The answer to the question of why they received low ratings were offered by Uber drivers, who discover why they give low ratings to users. Drunkenness and non-culture are at the top of the cause of bad grades, but there are many unexpected answers. Thus, among other things, they found that they would give the user a lower rating if he bounced heavily on the door if he ordered a short drive or posed too many personal questions. There are also larger extrema. “Once I gave the user one star because he was sitting directly behind me and not on the side of the passenger’s seat. Just when I drive only one person in the car I have an unpleasant feeling if he is sitting directly behind me,” said one Uber customer.

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