An autonomous taxi service will cost $ trillion

An autonomous taxi service will cost $ trillion

Industrial experts calculated how much in 2030 the value of a robotized taxi service would be.

According to their estimate, the value is two trillion dollars, or two thousand billions, on an annual basis. Analysts at UBS Group AG have come up to this roaring figure on the basis of a robo taxi service simulation in New York, taking into account all the possible costs of such fleets of automated vehicles, reports Detroit News.

The estimates indicate that the main players will be today’s transport service providers such as Uber and Lyfta, but will include many manufacturers like Volkswagen, General Motors and Daimler. Also, Waymo will have a significant share.

General Motors has already announced the premiere of its fleet of autonomous taxi cabs. There are 2,500 copies of Chevrolet Bolta that will drive the streets of San Francisco. Of course, GM has already faced numerous problems, above all in traffic safety regulations.

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