Uber has a new Spotlight function

Uber has a new Spotlight function

Uber has integrated a new Spotlight feature for users in Croatia and around the world. Spotlight makes it easier for a user to find a driver, and his utility is particularly pronounced in traffic areas during the night. All that the user needs to do is to press the lamp-like icon inside the application before the driver arrives, and the smartphone screen will then light up one of the pre-determined colors to help the user see the driver. The driver will receive a color notice on the user screen that comes from.

Spotlight is an ideal solution for situations like going home from a concert or event when multiple users order a ride at the same time. It will be particularly useful for numerous party members who will be staying at the Ultra Europe Festival in Split this weekend, where Spotlight will facilitate and accelerate the process of collecting the users.

We all want the Uber ride to have a perfect start, but when the gathering of users involves various external factors – people, cities and traffic, this process is further complicated. It is exactly Spotlight’s function that will simplify this process and enhance user experience and contribute to user safety, enabling easier recognition of the vehicles they need to get in.

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